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critical home repair program

Families interested in applying for a Habitat home must meet 3 criteria:

  1. NEED Families who apply must currently be residing in substandard housing. Substandard conditions can include no running water or electricity, structurally unsafe conditions, inadequate heating and cooling system, overcrowded conditions & temporary or transitional housing such as the Housing Authority or Section 8.
  2. INCOME / CREDIT Families who apply must have a steady verifiable income that will allow you to meet your existing debt and a new mortgage payment. Families must also have adequate credit, which demonstrates a willingness to repay debts. Each homeowner is also required to make a $1000 down payment.
  3. WILLINGNESS TO PARTNER Families must be willing and able to partner in the building of not only their own home but the homes of others as well. Every family selected into the Habitat program must complete at least 500 sweat equity hours. Homeowners are also required to attend homebuyer education workshops provided by Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity.

To obtain an application you must attend an Application Orientation. To be notified when we will be holding the next Application Orientation you can call the Habitat office at 792-8453 and ask to be placed on the application list, or you can submit our online interest form. Wiregrass HFH will then notify you when and where the next Orientation will be held.

Year 2017 Guidelines
Family Size25% Median50% Median
One $12,060 $17,750
Two $16,240 $20,300
Three $20,420 $22,850
Four $24,600 $25,350
Five $27,400 $27,400
Six $29,450 $29,450
Seven $31,450 $31,450